Ark is a new innovative crypto currency that has been developed in Berlin by the developers of the cryptocurrency Lisk.  Ark went live in May of 20016 and managing director Mike Dotty whose background consists of mechanical engineering in aerospace automotive and medical engineering and his team from around the world.  Dotty’s target is to extend the networks peer to peer physical networks and securing personal embedding devices.

Ark Summary

ARKArks main aim is to join incompatible blockchain networks and bring the best blockchain technology to its users. Unlike most other crypto currencies that that are just there to make investments. Ark aims to create an entire ecosystem of linked chains and a virtual spider web of endless cases that will make Ark one of the most flexible crypto currencies on the market.  That will be not only flexible but also adaptable and scalable.  The idea behind Ark is to make blockchain technology more accessible to its users to do this they aim to bridge different blockchain networks together so that this the allows them to be used at the same time this cuts out the monotony of constantly trading with Coins such as bitcoin and Ethereum.

Ark could eventually revolutionize the crypto currencies market with its linking of various blockchains this bridges the gap, this is good as it will enable coins like Bitcoin Lisk and Ethereum to be used on the same blockchain making an interconnected ecosystem of blockchains.

Pros to Ark

  • Speedy transactions
  • Compatible with other cryptocurrencies
  • Progressing fast and has potential
  • Ark is fast and secure
  • Offers physical card system rather than Bank accounts


Cons to Ark

  • Relatively new so could face teething problems
  • Risk as always of decrease in value
  • One of the less heard of currencies due to being new


Arks future

Although Ark is relatively new and unheard of I think they have a good idea that is different from other cryptocurrencies.  I think that the fact that Ark allows you to bridge with other crypto currencies will make Ark one of the top cryptos.  I think that because of this it gives Ark great power to change how its users can trade and build on other blockchain networks.   In August 2017 Ark was valued at $1.65 per token and it is predicted to be as much as $5 by the end of 2017.

So should you sit on your Ark

I would say that Ark has a lot of potential it is gaining users rapidly and seems to be very popular due to it innovative way of being able to combine different crypto currencies to your blockchain.  I think this is a groundbreaking way to trade with crypto currencies and I think once more people hear about the flexibility with Ark they will jump aboard.  Ark has so much potential and is defiantly one to invest in early as Ark will gain popularity very quickly due to it being so flexible and innovative.  Ark is defiantly one to look out for. For more information on Ark check out there website here


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