BitConnect BCC

BitConnect (BCC) is a community based peer to peer decentralized crypto currency that had its initial Coin Distribution in 2016 . The website is fairly bland and doesn’t tell you too much about the who’s behind BitConnect or who the developers are which I find slightly odd . When you look on the website they are not giving too much away, this concerns me somewhat that they are not transparent which I think is important.

BitConnect Summary

BITCONNECT BCCBitconnect say that they are a community driven decentralized crypto currency that allows its users to store and invest their wealth in a non-government controlled currency. They say you can  earn substantial interest on their investment.  It says that any user that has Bitconnect coin in their wallet will gain interest on their balance in return for helping maintain security of the network. On their official website they say that with BitConnect you will receive a 120% return on your investment.  They say that BitConnect is a safe and easy way to ensure success and all transactions are performed directly between the users and not a centralized third party.  BitConnect can be used worldwide.   There are two main types of BitConnect Coin wallets first is a software wallet BitConnect wallet that you install on your computer  the second wallet being a web BitConnect wallet that is where the wallet is hosted on a web server.

Pros to BitConnect

  • Up and coming Crypto currency
  • 120% return on investment
  • Safe and user friendly
  • Easy to set up
  • Potential to gin wealth
  • Very popular in Asia


Cons to BitConnect

  • Risk of value decrease
  • BitConnect is new so still developing
  • BitConnect has had a few bad reviews

BitConnect Future

Apart from being slightly non-transparent I would say that BitConnect looks quite good. It is already very popular and being used widely In Asia.  That can only be a good thing, we have seen it before where a platform has been popular in Asia China/Japan etc. and then become a global success so I think BitConnect will soon be one of the top contenders it just needs to become seen by more people.

Should you sit on your BitConnect

I think that Bitconnect has potential I did notice some bad reviews whilst researching for this review but that could just be from people that have not had a good experience.   But then Bit Connect is still very young and sometimes there can be teething problems with a  new platform so I wouldn’t take too much notice of that.  But to me it looks good and I think it has potential.  I would like to see a bit more about the developers and history on the website but apart from that it looks good the website is a little bland but at the same time it’s not to cluttered. BitConnect are on Facebook,Twitter,google plus and also YouTube with links to each at the bottom of the website. I think BitConnect is definitely one to look out for and event invest in now while it is young and let it sit while it develops. For more information check out the BitConnect Official website


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