DASH is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is based on blockchain. Dash is controlled by a decentralized community and used as a private currency.  It was developed by Evan Duffield and originally released in  January 2014 as XCoin.  By the end of February 2014 it was changed to Darkcoin,  on March the 25th 2015 it was re branded as Dash. The name Dash is made up from the mixing of words Digital and Cash so a portmanteau if you like.  Although Dash has all of the same features as Bitcoin plus advanced features like instant transactions it is not as well known.


DASH/USDDash is very similar to Bitcoin in the way that it utilizes a blockchain database. It has two ways of working, one is miners who secure the network and send transactions to the block chain.  The other is master nodes that enable the features of Dash. By the second day of launch Dash had mined 1.9 million coins, which is a quarter of the coins available up to the writing of this review.  In June 2017 Dash was tuning over $100 million per day in trade volume, and the market trade volume exceeded $1.4 billion.

Dash boasts features of Private send where you can coin-mix that will restrict to only send certain denominations,  the maximum for a private send is 1000 Dash.  Also Instant send that allows instant transactions.  Dash is also the first decentralized autonomous organization. Another good feature of Dash is that it recognizes economic incentives. With Dash you can make instant transactions in under only 4 seconds, this is because Dash uses instanx which is much faster than digital currencies.  This also makes international trading a lot easier and faster.  If you have a Dash wallet you can transfer money from pretty much anywhere in the world that third parties cannot block.


Pros of Dash

  • Dash is one of the fastest growing Cryptocurrencies
  • It is Flexible with coin mixing and
  • You can make instant transactions
  • Unlike other coins it works on two tiers with miners and master nodes for a faster transaction
  • Low transaction fees
  • Instant payments
  • Extended privacy
  • Two-tier network
  • Ability to transfer globally

Cons of Dash

  • Not as widely used as some other coins
  • Risk of Decrease in value
  • Dash has 19,000,000 coins
  • Then name Dash is a common word which can make searching difficult


Dash Future

I think the only thing against Dash is that it is not so well known, once it gets more popular and is maybe used by big financial institutes and has more exposure I think it will become bigger and better.  It has the means to be one of the big contenders as soon as it is better known. For more information on Dash check out there official website here .www.dash.org


So should you sit on Dash

I would say that it is well worth an investment,  I think as soon as it has just a little more exposure like a major bank to take interest and use Dash then I think it will just get stronger and stronger.  It has a lot of potential. It has a lot of features that other cryptocurrencies do not have and it is fast and user friendly. We think that Dash is a hot contender and one to look out for.

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