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Ethereum Classic is a continuation of the Original Ethereum but after the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization)  was hacked in 2016 it created a lot of damage for the original Ethereum.  So there for it was deemed necessary to create a new version that would not have any of the holes left by the hack with a fresh UN-tamperd history.  So it is Ethereum but with un-tampered history without downtime,third party interference or fraud.   Ethereum Classic is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts.  It supplies a decentralized turing-complete virtual machine known as the EVM Ethereum Virtual Machine.  The Ethereum network is kept running by computers from all over the world.  There is a reward given to the computer that creates the latest block in the chain .A new block is added to the block chain every 12 seconds the computer that generated the block will be rewarded with 5 Ether

Ethereum Summary

Ethereum Classic was developed inETC/USD 2016 after the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) was hacked.Ethereum is one of the main contenders in Cryptocurrencies. Although strictly speaking Ethereum isn’t exactly a crypto currency.  It is a platform that allows individuals to draw up contracts and make transactions.  This is done by using a currency called Ether.

Ethereum has been designed to be a platform where two parties can enter into a contract without a third party to oversee it.  This is made possible by the use of something called a smart contract.  Smart contracts create trust between two parties.  To put it simply let’s say you buy a car from me, you will get a receipt that is held in our virtual contract. We agree a date on which the contract is to be completed by. If the contract is completed by the date then I receive my Ether and you receive the key to pick up the car.  This transaction is witnessed by hundreds of people.  Meaning that you can expect a faultless transaction.


 Pros To Ethereum Classic:

  • You can earn block rewards from the network from mining.
  • Ethereum Classic doesn’t have any scars or problem left by the DOA hack
  • Safe clean Platform
  • Immutability – Meaning that third parties cannot make changes to data.
  • Ethereum Classic transactions cannot be reversed, protecting businesses from chargebacks.
  • Ethereum Classic has the possibility of vast growth

Cons to Ethereum Classic:

  • When you invest in Ether there is always the potential that you can lose on your initial investment.
  • Ethereum Original is Preferred
  • Volatility remains high.
  • Slow network during major ICOs
  • Do not leave Ether in exchanges, and always use the multi-step authentication using apps like Google authenticator.

Ethereums Classic’s Future

As Ethereum Classic scales and becomes more commonplace Ethers price may stabilize.  It is this possibility that is exciting investors.  The main difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic is that Bitcoin has been designed to be a digital form of money and a payment system.  Whereas Ether is a means to buying services within Ethereum. It is for that reason that some investors believe that it may someday become a foundational layer of the internet.  If this does happen then Investors in Ethereum will be seeing large profits.  But there is absolutely no guarantee that this will happen. For more information check out the Ethereum Classic website here

So should you sit on your Ethereum Classic?

Although Ethereum Classic is virtually the same as Ethereum it is worth getting some as Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are one of the leading platforms.  I would say its worth getting some and sitting on it for the time being.  If you don’t do this you may well regret your decision not to invest. As it is a very hot contender holding one of the top places in cryptocurrency.

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