Hshare (HSR/USD)


Hshare is going to be called Hcash in the future, at the moment Hshare is currently the ICO distribution token for Hcash. Hshare (HSR) is an open source and decentralized cryptocurrency that offers both transparent and private transactions. Hshare payments are published on a public blockchain, but the recipient, the sender and the amount of a transaction all remain private. The Hshare platform is designed to be the sidechain for both block less and block based blockchains. Hshare will be the information carrier for major blockchains. This will enable the exchange of value and information to be possible between these two systems.

Hshare Summary

HSR/USDHshare completed a successful ICO in July 2017. For blockless systems it uses a Directed Acrylic Graph (DAG) system. IOTA also uses this but it calls it a tangle. With Hshare your privacy is protected with Zero Knowledge Proof of Technology. Hcash is quantum resistant, Hcash holders will be able to transfer between private and public addresses using their own client panel or wallet.
Hcash has a controlled amount of tokens, the supply closes at 84 million and will be separated in to six channels. 25% created by PoW, 25% created by PoS, free distribution and ICO will be 25%, Pre ICO investors will hold 15% %% will be allocated to Hcash DAO and finally 5% will belong to the development team and Hcash fund.

Pros to Hshare

• Hshare offers both transparent and private transactions
• Hshare is an open source and decentralized cryptocurrency
• Hshare protects your privacy with Zero Knowledge Proof of Technology

Cons to Hshare

  • At the time of writing this review there is very little information on Hshare
  • As with all investments there is always the rick of decrease in value
  • New platform are shadowed by established platforms
  • New platforms can have glitches in the early days

Hshares Future

As Hshare is so new I have included some of the important timeline dates so that you can see how Hshare is going to be moving forward. Early Jan 2018 PoW mining function development will be completed and the test chain will start to operate. End of Jan 2018 main chain will start to operate. In Feb 2018 marks the sart of the exchange of Hcash/Hshare after this all of the received Hshare will be destroyed. Also in Feb 2018 the Hcash beta version will be completed, and they will start to use ZKP based client encrypted communication. In March 2018 Hshare will be completely destroyed. From April 2018 they will be developing the establishment of the ecological system. For more information on Hshare check their official website here www.h.cash

So should I sit on my Hshare

Hshare is very new so at this point in time I would say that is maybe one to watch out for. As soon as we can find more information out about Hshare/Hcash we will update this post. But for now I think that it has legs, they have a strong development team with good plans and ideas. It looks good and once it is tried and tested it should be a innovate platform.

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