Neo was launched in July 2017 by Da Hongfei , Zhang Zhengwen and Tao Rongqi from the former platform called Antshares that was founded in 2014. Neo is a smart economy blockchain, some say it was a clever re-brand as when it was launched it went mad and investors lapped it up thinking it was an innovative new product and not realizing it was formally Antshares

Neo Summary

NEO/USDNeo is a re-brand of the previous Antshares crypto currency that had been branded China’s Ethereum but they have developed it to be better than Ethereum.  Neo is from the Greek word newness so an apt name for a product re brand. There are high expectations for the newly branded NEO and some even say that with some of these innovative ideas for the imminent future will make NEO the leading smart economy cryptocurrency.  Although Neo is known as the “Ethereum of China¨ In a lot of ways it is superior for example Neos Security is far better.  Ethereum still has not recovered from the impact of the decentralized autonomous organization hack.  Neo hopes to encourage the blockchain users in the future by fixing any security problems with their unique security feature that protects the blockchain from quantum computers.  Neo also has some innovate features that make Neo unique such as digital certificates that means its users don’t have to rely on a centralized organization.  It also has multi-asset support that means that neo can support multiple types of assets.  Neo also uses a peer to peer exchange of digital assets this allows you to buy and sell digital assets without a third party exchange.  Neo has a feature called Neovm which is the Neo virtual machine a lightweight version that allows you to have shorter start up times with systematic execution this helps  Neo achieve unlimited scalbility. With this they also provide a turing-complete smart contracts that offer sharding and unlimited scalability when run with neovm this gives higher certainty and finality.

Pros of Neo

  • High levels of security
  • Various features to improve your experience
  • Supports multiple types of digital assets
  • Digital certificates that provide full legal protection
  • Innovate team of developers with Ideas for the future
  • Innovate features that could make neo the leading platform


Cons of Neo

  • Risk of decrease in value
  • Re-branding has been known to put people off
  • Neo is more traditional like shares than a coin that put some people off


Neo’s Future

Neo looks good although a lot of people were put off when they rebranded from Antshares after only a couple of years but I think its just moving with the times as shares are a thing of the past and it is more in keeping with the new crypto currency industry. But I think they already have a good product and that combined with all the innovative ideas that Neo has for the future I think that they could possibly be the leading platform in the future. For more information on Neo check out their website here


So should you Sit on Neo

Yes I think it is worth investing inn as they have a lot of innovative ideas and big ideas for the future and are aiming to constantly improve the platform which is good forward thinking and I know that if I’m investing in to something I want a platform that is constantly improving.

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