Stratis is a blockchain-as-a-service platform. Stratis allows companies to create their own custom blockchain applications with the unique features that they require. By doing this it makes the development process simpler and it also accelerates the development lifecycle of the Blockchain projects. The Stratis team hosted a crowdfunding event on June 21st and it ended on July 26th 2016. This was made to help fund the development and marketing of the Stratis platform. During this time they managed to get a total of 915 Bitcoin. In total a total of 98 million Stratis tokens were distributed after the ICO, 85.7% of Stratis tokens were allocated to ICO investors. The remaining 14.3% were kept by the core team for marketing, incentives, partnerships and development.

Stratis Summary

STRATISStratis allows the creation of unique private blockchains (sidechains), which can be launched by third parties and they can be customised to their own needs. The Blockchains are secured on the main Stratis blockchain.  They can be accessed via APIs. Corporations can take advantage of their sidechains to launch their applications without the costs and complications of building and maintaining their own Block chain network infrastructure. These companies can also combine pre exsisting features found in other Blockchains like Waves or Ethereum. $Strat which is the currency within the Stratis platform will be required to create and fuel these Blockchains.
Stratis has become one of the few currencies to be implemented by well-known cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets such as Poloniex, Jaxx and Ledger hardware wallets.

Pros to Stratis

• The $STRAT combines the proven security consensus of Bitcoin, with the latest advancements in blockchain technology.
• STRAT is trading on reputable cryptocurrency exchanges and valued by investors worldwide
• Corporations can take advantage of their side chains to launch their applications without the costs and complications of building and maintaining their own Block chain network infrastructure
• Extraordinary performance of $STRAT on exchanges reaching more than 5x original value to investors.

Cons to Stratis

• Risk of a decrease in value
• Over shadowed by the more popular cryptocurrencies

Stratis Future

At the moment the team behind Stratis are working to implement the Unity/Stratis integration, an integration that would open the possibility of the Stratis platform being used for in-game asset creation and the development of in-game economies with Stratis at the centre.  They are also looking into the Stratis Assets & Crowdfunding Platform and the Stratis Dapps Marketplace.  All of these initiatives guarantee they will stay competitive and secure their spot among the top cryptocurrency projects.  For more information on Stratis check out their website here

So should I sit on my Stratis?

Stratis is very exciting as it is offering different things from many of the other cryptocurrencies that we see.  It has a lot of potential and I would say that you should have some $Strats in your portfolio.  I am going to say that this is one to watch out for in the future and it would be better to buy now and just wait for the Stratis platform to take off.  It is offering a lot of exciting ideas.  Definitely one to sit on.

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