Waves is a custom  blockchain cryptocurrencies block chain developed by former physicist from Moscow Sasha Ivanov who developed the first instant cryptocurrency coinomat.com.  This was the first fiat blockchain coin coino USD which was also the first trade able cryptocurrency index coinoindex.co.  Waves was developed in Moscow in 2016 and by April 2016 waves had already made $22 Million in only rounds of funding.

Summary of Waves

WAVESWaves has had a good start and is well respected in the blockchain/crypto currency community Waves allows its users to make their own digital coin in less that only one minute.  Then you can trade with that coin other assets such as fiat currencies and crypto-assets.  Waves is similar to bitcoin where as well as creating an exchange for digital assets it is also providing a crowdfunding solution.  Waves is a fully decentralized platform it raised around 30,000 bitcoin in a crowdfunding campaign in 2016 where it was the 7th most successful platform.  With waves any of its users can launch their own digital coin to trade with.  Waves uses the fiat gateways that are run by payment providers this easily allows you to change fiat currency to digital currency that can then be transferred on the blockchain this way it creates a quicker transfer.  There are three different versions of Waves 1 the waves light client this is available on GitHub, or google play store,  2Waves Mobile Client this is available on iOS and Android and the 3rd version Waves Full Node that is available on GitHub. Lisk also uses side chains, the blockchain consists of four parts Consensus algorithm, a side chain,(an immutable database), and the backend the application logic and the of course the front end,  the application user interface.

Pros to waves

  • Waves is highly regarded and popular
  • Waves offers an easy to use platform that can also be used on chrome and mobile devices
  • No blockchain download required
  • 1 minute transfer time
  • Low Transaction fees0.001 waves that can also be paid in tokens
  • User friendly


Cons to Waves

  • Risk of decrease in value
  • Risk of teething problem as Waves is so new



Waves Future

Wave has had a very good start and seems to be highly regarded and popular in the crypto currency community. It also seems very flexible and has a lot of different features.  I think it won’t take long  before waves has more users and it will continue to grow. For more information on Waves check out their website here www.wavesplatform.com


So should you sit on your Waves

I would say yes that it is defiantly worth investing in Waves. It had a great start and has some great features and I think it will not be long before waves is up there with the top names in the cryptocurrency community.  The website is easy to navigate around and is very helpful and simple, they have some great ideas and also they are very transparent.  On their website they really open up and tell you what they are all about.  I think they will be one to look out for.

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